Unify your team with painfree, easy to use onboarding. Sparknite was built to help business and teams easily onboard new members. Sparknite takes the pain of keeping all those papers organized. You can digitize your documentation, signatures, and any other information needed for you team for onboarding.

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Each employee can have access to a library of resources, instruction, documents, action items, etc. tailored to the individual, department, or job title. This makes the task of organizing all this paper work easy. That way you can focus on training your employee, instead of trying to remember where that documentation is.


Manage on boarding with user specfic roles. Allow supervisors to manage onboarding for their teams. Let directors manage their departments. This can be done per Job Title, or even at Department level. Each job role, and department is different, organize that information in a user friendly way for your new employees.


A new employee is required to fill out paperwork, sign disclosures, and other paperwork. Make it simple by providing these digitally while they complete their onboard training.

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