Walgreens gets digital thermometers for digital cameras

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The Walgreen Companies announced that they are expanding their digital thermography offerings with digital thermometry devices.

The new devices come in two flavors.

The first, the Digital Thermometer, has a digital thermographic gauge, and it’s a great addition to any digital camera.

The second, the digital Thermographic Digital Thermosink, is a thermometer that fits into the digital camera lens.

Both are available in two sizes: 3.75 inches and 5.75 centimeters.

Both can be purchased for $149.99.

This is the same price that the Digital thermometer will be available for on the Walgreens website starting tomorrow.

The digital thermographs come with a built-in thermometer, so you don’t have to carry it around.

They also come in different colors.

The thermometers are designed to be easy to use.

If you’re not used to wearing a thermograph, you can use a standard thermometer or a digital digital thermograph.

You can also adjust the thermometer’s setting to suit your own personal preferences.

The Walgreen Digital Thermo-in-Camera Digital Thermopattern will be released in September and can be ordered starting today.

You’ll also see Walgrews digital thermometers being sold in select grocery stores.

They will have a variety of thermometer colors available.

We’ve had some good feedback on our digital thermo cameras and wanted to share the news with you.

We think these are some great products and we hope to continue to sell them in our stores.

If this makes sense, please let us know and we’ll be happy to respond to any questions you may have.

Thanks, Michael, Walgens senior vice president of digital media.

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