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Digital thermometers are used to measure body temperature, but many people aren’t aware that th

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We just got our very own digital camera with a price tag of $9.99

Posted October 04, 2018 15:29:50The new Sony Xperia XZ Premium Digital Camera is one of the most affo

What does the GOP want to do to the Internet?

POLITICO’s editorial board on Friday agreed on a single thing: Republicans want to change the w

China’s crackdown on bitcoin: ‘No matter how many years of sanctions, it will not change the system’

China has been cracking down on bitcoin, a virtual currency that can be used to buy items online and

Digital storm pc, 3D games: How to keep your PC safe from cyber attacks

PC owners who have a computer or tablet that is vulnerable to being hacked should keep it at home and

‘Big Daddy’ is now available on Xbox 360 and PS3, Sony adds

PlayStation Plus members can now download “Big Daddy” for the first time on Xbox and Play

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