How to buy digital in Australia

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Australia’s digital economy is set to see a big boost in 2017 with a range of new services that are expected to boost sales, as companies such as One Digital and Digital Juice aim to grow sales of their digital products in the domestic market.

While the number of people using digital services such as Netflix, Spotify and the likes are expected increase, the key to success is the ability to sell the products, said Tim Taylor, the head of digital strategy at digital company BPI Australia.

“With the number and size of services that people are going to need, that’s where a lot of the growth opportunity lies,” Mr Taylor said.

Mr Taylor is hoping that the availability of Netflix and Spotify will attract people who want to stream content but may not have the budget to purchase it, as well as younger consumers who are less interested in watching television shows on demand.

“We’re hoping that people will start to realise that it’s actually possible to go to the internet, to get your content in a timely manner, without paying for it, and make money from it,” he said.

One Digital is the largest online video rental service in Australia, and offers customers the ability of watching up to four hours of streaming video a week.

Mr Smith said it would be a “tough sell” to try and lure consumers away from streaming services like Netflix, and it would also be difficult for them to switch to One Digital.

“There’s definitely going to be a lot more competition for customers, but I think we’ll see it as a big opportunity in terms of the number [of services] and the size of the customer base,” Mr Smith told the ABC.

Mr Dickson said One Digital would be looking to attract people from other areas such as travel and healthcare.

“It’s an exciting time for the Australian digital industry,” he added.

“The digital landscape is shifting so rapidly and so quickly that there’s a lot to do.”

What to do if you have a streaming problem?

The Australian Government is looking to provide financial assistance to people who are affected by streaming subscription services.

In 2017, streaming services will be subject to a $20,000 per month cap on subscription fees.

In the next financial year, streaming subscription fees will be capped at $30,000 a month.

In addition, services will need to have an annual subscription fee of $25,000 to be considered.

If you have problems streaming the Australian national broadcaster, ABC iView, you can get help from the ABC’s streaming team.

In 2018, you will be able to stream live TV in your home from ABC iStream.

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