Double digit multiplication: What you need to know about digitalization

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Digitalization has come to dominate the world’s digital business and now it’s making a comeback in some industries as well.

A new report from the digital division of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business shows digitalization has brought with it double digit growth in the sector.

In the last two years, digitalization doubled the size of the sector by nearly 3,000 employees.

“It is still a relatively small sector.

It has a lot of work to do, and it is going to take a while to get there,” said Andrew Lipp, president of the CFAIB.

“The way we see it, we’re still the small and medium-sized businesses that we’ve been for the last 40 years.”

For digitalization to catch on, the business needs to be able to grow, said Lipp.

“But it’s going to need to be a very large sector that has a much broader impact, a much wider reach, that’s going, you know, to be in every country and it has to be well-funded.”

Lipp said there’s also a big difference between digitalization and digital capture.

The former is when a business captures data and sells it to a third party, while the latter is when it records and makes a copy.

Digitalization is more akin to digital capture, he said.

The CFAIRB is releasing a report this week that is looking at how digitalization will impact the economy in a different way than capturing data.

The report will be released in two parts.

The first part, which will be available online, will look at the impact of digitalization on the Canadian economy.

The second part, also available online and online in print, will provide an overview of the digitalization trends in the country.

The two parts are expected to be available by the end of the year.

“Digitalization has created a lot more opportunities for Canadian businesses than it has for Canadian consumers, because it enables them to do things that might not have been possible just a few years ago,” said Lillyschmidt.

“There are so many new opportunities, and so many of those opportunities have already been created.”

The digitalization trend is still in its early stages, said Andrew MacDonald, director of the Institute for Advanced Business Analytics at the University of Toronto.

“I think it’s very early in terms of when it’s really going to happen,” said MacDonald.

“A lot of the growth that we’re seeing in the U.S. and in Europe is largely driven by companies that were already doing the same thing.

That’s not the case here.

It’s a very different market.”

But digitalization is a fast-growing sector, MacDonald said.

He said the CFOs of some large companies have already begun talking about the possibility of digitalizing.

“For example, we see a lot in the technology space that is built on the assumption that we’ll be able and we’ll take care of this, but we’ll never be able, and we’re going to have to start over,” he said, adding that the CFPB is encouraging companies to start thinking about how they can become more digital.

“They’re going from a very small group of companies that may have been digitizing in the past, now they’re going into a very big group,” he explained.

“This is not a new problem.

This is the problem.”

In addition to the report, the CFIB is also publishing a book called Digital Devil Saga: The First 100 Years of Digitalization.

The book is available for pre-order on

In it, MacDonald discusses how the rise of digital transformation in the business world has affected the growth of the economy.

He says companies have started focusing on how to be more efficient and to capture more of the value that people are creating.

“That is what the CFTB is doing in the book, which is going out to every business and asking, how can we make the most of this digital transformation, and how can you capture the value people are generating?”

MacDonald said the book will offer businesses a chance to find out if they are still successful when it comes to capturing the value from the people who are creating content.

He also says there is room for companies to innovate to capture value.

“As more companies start to focus on creating value and generating more value, that is going in the opposite direction from what we’ve seen,” said MacDonald.

“Companies are thinking, well we don’t know what to do yet.

We don’t have the business acumen to do this.”

“They are seeing the value of the internet as they’re doing it, and that’s why they’re creating value.

And they’re also seeing it in the way that they’re making products.

So there’s going be an evolution in the value, which should be very good news to any company,” said Michael Withers, president and chief executive officer of

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