When a dog uses a digital playground to teach itself to play, it’s a real triumph

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A team of scientists from the University of Oxford has developed a new tool that lets a dog play online without having to go to the dog park.

A research paper published in the journal Science says the tool, called BIS, “allows users to design interactive games for the digital world”.

The scientists behind BIS said the technology was “a major step forward in bringing games to the digital landscape” by making it “easy for a dog to interact with a digital world without the need for physical interactions”.

The tool works by showing the dog a virtual world in which it can interact with virtual objects.

The object can be a ball, a virtual wall, or a digital toy.

When the dog interacts with an object, a small button in the toy appears in the bottom left corner of the screen.

A second button pops up in the middle of the video stream.

This second button enables the dog to play.

“The first stage of BIS is the interaction with the virtual world, and then the dog will start to learn to interact in the real world,” the scientists wrote.

“This is the first step towards real-world learning and social interaction in virtual environments.”

The research team has developed an algorithm to help dogs find the virtual objects in the virtual space.

In order to help a dog find the toy in the video, the dog is shown a list of available virtual objects, which the algorithm uses to search for the virtual object.

The algorithm then identifies the virtual toy and tells the dog which one it can move to interact.

When the dog has successfully interacted with a virtual object, the next stage of the algorithm is to ask the dog what it can do to interact again with the same virtual object that the dog previously interacted with.

Once the dog learns how to interact, it can then interact with the real-life object in the next video, this time by pointing to it and clicking it with a key on the controller.

BIS is similar to the kind of technology that has been used by many dog trainers for decades.

Dogs are trained to use virtual objects to train their behaviour.

In recent years, the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift has been popular for training the dogs to play with virtual toys.

For many dogs, this kind of interactive play is a natural way of learning how to use the environment in which they live.

Researchers say the team’s method has the potential to help more dogs learn by making the process of interaction with virtual environments a lot more fun for the dog.

This could mean that the development of BISM will become easier as more and more of our digital lives become digital.

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