Digital Juice, Digital Empowerment, and More: A New Era in Personal Finance

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Digital Juice is a cloud-based personal finance app that’s designed to help you save money and grow your wealth.

The app, which launched last week, gives you access to all the money management tools you’d ever need in a simple interface.

We sat down with the CEO of Digital Juice to learn more about the startup, its vision, and the challenges facing the future of personal finance.

Read More , to get a better understanding of what the app is and how it’s helping people save money.

First off, Digital Juice CEO Josh Levin is a big fan of the term “digital empowerment” because it captures the feeling of having more power.

“Digital empowerment means we are empowered to create our own destiny, to live our own life, to have our own dreams, to work our own way and to live in our own style,” he says.

“This empowerment is the opposite of what is usually associated with the term ‘digital empowerment.'”

In the future, digital empowerment will involve having the power to create your own destiny.

This means that people will have to do their own work, which will result in greater efficiency and lower costs for businesses.

This will also give us the power and the freedom to do more.

“The more we have the ability to do the things that we want to do, the more we can build value for ourselves, the greater our wealth, the better our health, the healthier our lives and the more prosperous we will be,” says Levin.

“That’s what digital empowerment means.”

The company has already raised $50 million in Series A funding, with another $30 million coming in the next two weeks.

It has an initial goal of $100 million and aims to raise $150 million by 2020.

Digital Juice is focused on helping people invest in their own future.

This includes the idea that people should save money for retirement, invest in the digital economy and then retire at the same time.

The company’s product is based on the concept of “digital equity” – the idea of owning your own wealth.

You can create a digital portfolio, choose a mutual fund, and invest in various investments.

Digital equity allows you to buy shares in companies that are investing in you, while you’re living your own digital life.

The company is also working on its own “smart” app, but Levin won’t reveal any details about that yet.

However, the company is working to get some of its products out into the wild so that others can benefit from its ideas.

“Our vision is to have a universal, free, easy-to-use platform that’s going to empower everyone to live their own digital lives,” says the CEO.

“We want to provide this platform to anyone who wants to save money, to grow their wealth and to take control of their money.”

For the startup’s new customers, it also comes with an additional benefit – it will allow you to save more money for a lifetime.

Levin says that if you have a retirement account with a mutual funds company, you can use Digital Juice’s platform to choose your own retirement savings.

“You can do your own thing, and you get the benefits of that with a lot of the tools you need, too,” he explains.

“There are many ways to spend money.”

Digital Juice has already launched in the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany, and New Zealand.

The service is also available in over 100 countries, including Japan, South Korea, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to get started with the platform, the startup has a free 30-day trial.

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